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Congratulations to Our Winners!

We’ve just given away a 530W Quad, a 60W Quad Buddies Kit and a 30W Twin Buddies Kit as part of our “Grow-Vember Mega Giveaway” on Instagram in conjunction with Alientech, Plant Playground and Empirical Glass. Over $3500 in prizes showcased the “Best from the West” with locally produced LED grow lights, grow tent, smokers and dabbers packs, and a hand-blown […]


We’re giving away a 530W Quad, a 30W Twin Buddies Kit and a Buddies Cloning Kit as part of our “Grow-Vember Mega Giveaway” on Instagram in conjunction with Alientech, Plant Playground and Empirical Glass. With over $3500 in prizes, we are showcasing the “Best from the West” with locally produced LED grow lights, grow tent, […]

Check Out Our Specials!

With the arrival of our latest Gen3 LED panels, we’ve posted some great Specials on Longboard bundles, New Old Stock and Refurbished models. This is a great opportunity to buy a quality Australian-made LED grow light at some of the best prices around – all backed by our legendary customer service and warranties. Check out […]

Modified Trading Hours

From March 15-31 our Shop Opening Hours will be modified to the following: Wednesday, March 15: 9.30am-2pm Thursday, March 16: Closed Friday, March 17: 9.30am-2pm Wednesday, March 22: 9.30am-2pm Thursday, March 23: Closed Friday, March 24: 9.30am-2pm Wednesday, March 29: 9.30am-2pm Thursday, March 30: Closed Friday, March 31: 9.30am-2pm This is Sara. She builds some […]

The best LED lights deserve the best grow tents!

We are now stocking German HOMEbox grow tents and High Light 420 bundles at huge savings! While our High Light LED grow lights are world-beaters for spectrum, efficiency and flexibility, these German-designed HOMEbox tents are unbeatable for fit, finish, structural strength and reflective performance. The exclusive white PAR+ Super Reflective Lining is industry-leading at 92% […]