Congratulations to Our Winners!

We’ve just given away a 530W Quad, a 60W Quad Buddies Kit and a 30W Twin Buddies Kit as part of our “Grow-Vember Mega Giveaway” on Instagram in conjunction with AlientechPlant Playground and Empirical Glass.

Over $3500 in prizes showcased the “Best from the West” with locally produced LED grow lights, grow tent, smokers and dabbers packs, and a hand-blown glass bubbler.


First Prize – @benjamin_annereau
– Grow Lights Australia 530W High Light Quad
– AlienTech Smoker’s & Dabber’s Kits
– Plant Playground Phantom Grow Tent
– Empirical Glass Miniature Bubbler
Valued at over $3000!

Second Prize – @bibs_bbq
– Grow Lights Australia Buddies 60W Supplemental Lighting Kit
– AlienTech Smoker’s Kit
– $60 Plant Playground Voucher
Valued at $380!

Third Prize – @hream7.1.0
– Grow Lights Australia 30W Supplemental Lighting Kit
– AlienTech Non Stick Grinder
– $40 Plant Playground Voucher
Valued at $195!

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