Shining a New Light on Horticulture

The LED grow light revolution continues with the new High Light 420 plug-and-play system by Grow Lights Australia and LED Teknik.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the High Light 420 takes indoor horticulture to the next level, with 20% better efficiency, a revised spectrum, splash-proofing and plug-and-play convenience.

The original High Light was the first “true” full-spectrum grow light on one channel, incorporating UV and Far Red-enhanced white phosphor LEDs with Australian build quality and reliability.

The new High Light 420 improves this design with 420 top bin LEDs from LED Teknik – a leading Australian designer of horticultural LEDs – and Nichia Corporation of Japan – manufacturer of the world’s most efficient mid-power LEDs.

Designed and built in Perth, Western Australia, the new High Light 420 is over 3 umol/j efficient with a complete Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) spectrum from 390-780nm.

The original High Light spectrum was proven to boost yields, essential oils and terpenes with the addition of UV and higher levels of Far Red light. The new High Light 420 improves this formula with twice as much UV and Far Red, leading to faster growth and flowering times.

An optional water-resistant clear coating is paired with a waterproof loom featuring German LAPP cable, Italian Techno connectors, TE waterproof SlimSeal connectors and quality Mean Well drivers, making the High Light 420 a modular plug-and-play system with no wiring required.

Featuring the same build quality as the original, the new LED board is slightly bigger, with LEDs spaced further apart for better heat dissipation and efficiency. The 420 LED count includes 30 custom UV (405-420nm) and 60 high-powered 660nm Deep Red and 730nm Far Red diodes. The flexible PCB design can be tailored to suit any crop (upon request).

The standard Hight Light 420 spectum is designed primarily for flowering and fruiting of short-day species, however testing has shown improvements throughout all stages of growth due to the higher levels of Red and Far Red light balanced by moderate amounts of Blue and UV that prevent excessive stretch.

Not all LEDs are equal and many do not cover the most important spectral ranges below 450nm (near-UV) and above 700nm (Far Red). “True” full spectrum light not only provides better health and vigour, it leads to bigger yields and shorter flowering times with documented increases in terpene flavours and oils.

The wide light footprint of the High Light 420 provides a uniform plant canopy for even better growth.

These LED grow lights are a genuine HID replacement, but can also be added to existing HPS and CMH lamps to improve efficiency and yields. With up to 50,000 hours of useful life, you’ll never need to change a light bulb again.

The Full Spectrum

Typical white-phosphor LEDs have no UV, no Violet, low levels of Cyan (470-480nm) and very little Far Red light (700+nm).

Grow Lights Australia and LED Teknik have designed a LED grow light that emits “true” full-spectrum Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) all the way from 390-780nm on one channel. At 3 umol/ j it is one of the most efficient fixtures on the market.

No other grow light combines this efficiency with a full PAR spectrum and high Colour Rendering Index (88) powered by a single LED driver.

The High Light 420 boosts yields and essential oils with faster flowering times – without the cost or complexity of supplemental UV, Violet, Deep Red and Far Red.

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Heavy Duty High Light 420 Heat Sinks

Holes are pre-drilled for High Light 420 boards but will also mount original High Light boards, as well as standard sized Quantum Boards with extra drilling. These are heavy-duty heat sinks in two sizes – single and double – that allow growers to get the most from their LED grow lights (up to 235W per LED board).

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Genuine Mean Well LED Drivers

Grow Lights Australia is an official Mean Well re-seller. Select a driver to match your High Light boards or specify any other driver in the Mean Well range – we will deliver for the most competitive prices. All Australian Mean Well drivers have full warranties and come with 1.8m Australian 230V plugs.

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