Modified Trading Hours

From March 15-31 our Shop Opening Hours will be modified to the following:

Wednesday, March 15: 9.30am-2pm
Thursday, March 16: Closed
Friday, March 17: 9.30am-2pm

Wednesday, March 22: 9.30am-2pm
Thursday, March 23: Closed
Friday, March 24: 9.30am-2pm

Wednesday, March 29: 9.30am-2pm
Thursday, March 30: Closed
Friday, March 31: 9.30am-2pm

This is Sara. She builds some of the best LED grow lights on the market. She will be your guide for the month of March

As our resident lighting and hydro expert will be away for this period, the lovely Sara will be on hand to take your orders and show you around. Please be patient with Sara as her level of knowledge is rudimentary and she will be trying her best. All technical questions can still be addressed during the month of March to and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

Business will resume as normal from April 3, but will be closed for Good Friday (April 7) and back to regular trading hours after Easter.

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