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We grow, so we know. Our “true” full-spectrum LED grow lights have been proven in grow rooms and greenhouses around the world to boost yields and essential oils.

Designed and built in Australia, the High Light 420 series is the most efficient extended-PAR commercial grow light on the planet.

Featuring UVA and 10% Far Red – all on one efficient driver – we bring the equivalent of sunlight indoors.

Backed by an international network of growers with decades of  experience, our LED grow lights have been refined since 2018 to optimise yield and quality, with light throughout the extended PAR range from 390-780nm.

With features not found in other grow lights – like modularity and the ability to tilt and stagger paired lights to address different canopy heights – we challenge you to find a better combination of spectrum, efficiency and return on yield.

Your plants will love you for it

390-780nm PAR range

We’re on the Spectrum

What is a “true” full-spectrum LED grow light? Plants respond to light in the Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) range from 400-700nm and beyond. Yet most LED lights do not cover the all-important violet end of the spectrum (below 430nm) that enhances root growth and essential oils. Still many do not take advantage of the Far Red range above 700nm that accelerates fruiting, flowering and photosynthesis. Grow Lights Australia manufactures one of the only “true” full spectrum commercial LED grow lights on the market.


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