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You know what your plants need to thrive – and so do we.

Full spectrum light for health and vigour. Increased red light for better yields and shorter flowering times. UV light for essential oils. Reduced heat and a wide light footprint for an even plant canopy. High efficiency for power savings and climate control. Low profile for extra head height. Australian build quality and reliability.

We designed all these features into our “High Light” LED horticultural grow lights because they have been proven to work.

Designed and made in Australia, High Lights are among the best-quality LED grow lights on the market. They feature the highest efficiency mid-power LEDs available – made by Nichia of Japan – and blended with a unique UV-based “Sunlike” LED by Seoul Semiconductor of Korea.

Each aluminium panel is 2mm thick for rigidity, and measures 415mm x 205mm for superior LED spacing, light distribution and heat dissipation. Each board uses 2oz copper for reduced resistance and thermal transfer, and can run at up to 225W with a matching heat sink (or 150W without).

High Lights connect to most common 48V and 54V LED drivers and require only one driver for full-spectrum lighting – unlike other multi-channel LED grow lights that need more drivers.

High Lights are a genuine HID replacement, but can also be added to existing HPS and CMH lamps to improve efficiency and yields with a red-spectrum boost. With proven yields, tested efficiency and up to 50,000 hours of useful life, you’ll never need to change a light bulb again.

High Light – the ‘true’ full spectrum LED board

Blending three different types of high-efficiency LED, High Lights are the first “true” full-spectrum LED grow lights that provide output all the way from 400-800nm, including UVA and Far Red, on one channel.

No other grow light combines high CRI95 with 2.5 umol/j efficiency and a complete spectrum powered by a single LED driver. High Lights boost flowering yields and essential oils without the cost or complexity of supplemental grow lights.

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High Efficiency LED Grow Lights – “High Lights”

The High Light “UV” board is a true full-spectrum LED grow light that outputs 400-800nm – including UVA, near-UV (400-430nm) and Far Red (700+nm) – on a single channel.

The High Light “High Red” board has extra Deep Red and Far Red to compliment UV reptile bulbs and CMH grow lights.

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Heavy Duty LED Heat Sinks

Holes are pre-drilled for High Light boards but will also mount standard sized Quantum Boards with extra drilling. These are heavy-duty heat sinks in two sizes – single and double – that allow growers to get the most from their High Light boards (up to 225W per board).

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DIY LED Grow Light Kits

Choose from “High Light & Heat Sink Kits” – with or without matching Mean Well drivers. Your choice of “A” type drivers with on-board dimmers or “AB” or “B” type drivers with external dimmers.

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Genuine Mean Well LED Drivers

Grow Lights Australia is an official Mean Well re-seller. Select a driver to match your High Light boards or specify any other driver in the Mean Well range – we will deliver for the most competitive prices. All Australian Mean Well drivers have full warranties, and most come with 1.8m Australian 230V plugs.

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