The best LED lights deserve the best grow tents!

We are now stocking German HOMEbox grow tents and High Light 420 bundles at huge savings!

While our High Light LED grow lights are world-beaters for spectrum, efficiency and flexibility, these German-designed HOMEbox tents are unbeatable for fit, finish, structural strength and reflective performance.

The exclusive white PAR+ Super Reflective Lining is industry-leading at 92% reflectivity – much higher than 70-80% for typical silver-lined tents that are not as durable.

Quality pays for itself

Of course, when it came time to set up display tents for our own products, we chose HOMEbox for this reason. They are not only the perfect match in terms of high lighting output, but the best quality components we could find to compliment our Australian-made LED grow lights.

We were also getting a lot of people asking us: “Do you stock these tents as well?”

Why yes. Now we do.

As always, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, Contact Us and we’ll go to extra lengths to make it happen.

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